Top 5 Ways Technology Can Ease Your Gardening Tasks

What Are The Best Ways To Use Technology To Make Gardening Easier?

Today, technology can be married with any field. For instance, businesses today can sell and ship products to customers’ worldwide right from their headquarters while investors and traders can trade or invest in any financial instrument right from the comfort of their homes using smartphones or PCs.

With that in mind, why can’t we marry technology with gardening? Do you have to continue suffering from lower back pain just because you love tending to your garden?

Did you know technology can make your work easier when it comes to gardening?

Imagine having a bunch of automated systems performing different gardening tasks for you. Not only will you have additional time to complete your hobbies but more time to spend with your family and even relax.

So, how can you marry technology with gardening?

Here are top 5 technologies that you can incorporate into your garden and make your life easier.

#1. Automated sprinkler system

When you plant your herbs and veggies, watering them becomes a daily chore. There are times you will be required to water them once while on other occasions, twice a day. During this time, you will be forced to make several trips between the source of water and your garden. As a result, you will be carrying a watering can full of water.
Making several trips in a day is not easy. When you factor in other chores that you are supposed to complete, then by the end of the day, you will be so tired. To make your work easier, invest in an automated sprinkler system.

For an easy to use automated sprinkler system, you can opt for Rainbird or you can opt for a DIY version which allows you to customize the system to your needs.

#2. Distinguishing healthy plants from sickly ones

As said earlier, gardening is a fun hobby. Not only do you get to plant beautiful flowers but herbs and veggies too. To ensure that you have a bumper harvest, a lot of care must be provided to the plants. Not only are you required to water the plants but to weed and ensure they grow to be healthy.

So, how do gardeners check how healthy their plants are? A vast majority of people will check for discolouration or wilt. Others will check for abnormal tissue and cracks while other will check for stunted growth and brown spots on the leaves.  Before you call in the tree surgeon you want to be sure there is a problem.

Thanks to technology, you can now determine the health of your plant using a photosynthesis camera. All you need is to replace the infrared filter on your camera with a blue filter. Once you capture the images, upload them to for processing. If the plants are soaking less light, then they are not healthy and so, they need more care.

#3. Shoo birds and pests with drone technology

Are birds feeding on your plants? Are foxes damaging your hard work? Don’t have the time to shoo them yourself or hire someone to do so? Why not invest in a bird control drone.

Designed to chase away birds and foxes, the drone comes with fully autonomous flight and remote controlled features available with or without a camera. With this technology, you can combine sight, sound and threaten physical presence to prevent birds and other pests from causing harm to your garden.

While some models are available in the traditional drone design, newer models are shaped to look like popular birds of prey, for instance, the Bald Eagle or Falcon. The reason for this design is to leverage the fear of other birds to predatory birds.

#4. Checking your plant vitals

Now that you have learned how to use a blue filter with your digital camera to determine the health of your plants, it’s time to learn how to check your garden vitals using technology. The product is called the Growerbot kit.

It is composed of a network of probes designed to measure soil moisture level, humidity, sunlight and air temperature. Basically, the sensors work by detecting the decline of certain conditions needed for the optimum growth of the plants.

For instance, if the sensors detect that the garden bed is dry since they are connected to your automatic sprinkler system, they will activate it and your plants will be watered while you are away.

#5. Growing your herbs and veggies without dirt

Today, you can grow your garden using hydroponics system which eliminates the need for dirt and expansive gardening space. As a result, the hydroponic system has been found to be suitable for use in areas where homeowners, who love gardening, lack space.

One of the best products that will surely work for you is the Fizzy Farm Indoor Hydroponic system. It is easy to use and designed for non-vining fruits and vegetables. As a state of the art hydroponic system, you can use it to grow lettuce, kales, basil, strawberries, thyme and chives among others.

In addition, it can be used indoors thus turning the area into a stunning garden.

Final Thoughts On Gardening Automation

There you have it. Top 5 ways where technology is married to gardening thus making it easier for the homeowner to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs. Not only will these modern solutions provide you with stats about the health of your plants and garden but they will ensure your plants get to grow by keeping pests away. In the end, you will have a bumper harvest.